All Albums
   I Still Believe [2013]
   Smile [2006]
   Now Choose Life [2003]
   Puddles [2003]
   Grace [2003]
   Basement Sessions [2002]

Lead Artists
   Adele van Zyl
   Chris Goodchild
   Faye Hinsley
   Rich Barber
   Wes Hinsley

Chris Goodchild - I Still Believe [2013] £3.00

An EP about keeping hold of your hope, when life is tough. Five songs of praise, trust, dependence and hope, written and sung by Chris, and produced by Wes. You can download the tracks free from NoiseTrade, but if you want a lovely printed copy, here's the place...

Wes Hinsley - Smile [2006] £6.00

This is Wes's first "home-made studio" album, consisting of 14 uplifting, and occasionally deep songs, which we hope will make you smile, particularly the monumental vocal bonus track, "Happy".

Faye Oldham - Now Choose Life [2003] £6.00

An acoustic album including 11 of Faye's songs, recorded with most of the team, who shortly after making this album assumed the name "Teapot Records". A Celtic sounding album of reflections on life with God, making the appeal to choose life - Deut 30:19-20

Rich Barber - Puddles [2003] £6.00

Multi-instrumentalist-vocalist-song-writer-producer Rich lets loose with his first album, an epic collection of songs with rock, pop, jazz and even classical influences. It has celebratory moments, and sober reflections, simple truths and deeper contemplations... Rich could probably write a good song out of even this four-line review of his album...!