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   I Still Believe [2013]
   Smile [2006]
   Now Choose Life [2003]
   Puddles [2003]
   Grace [2003]
   Basement Sessions [2002]

Lead Artists
   Adele van Zyl
   Chris Goodchild
   Faye Hinsley
   Rich Barber
   Wes Hinsley


Basement Sessions [2002]
Adele van Zyl

It began with recording 15 demos, some of them very new, in one day, before Adele returned to Pretoria. The results were nice enough, all things considered - not to mention an emotional record of our time with an exceptionally gifted musician, writer and friend. The problem was Wes and Rich just didn't feel the project had met its potential.
So we asked Mr. Hodgson (now of Fire Fall Down) to add drums - not easy, since we didn't think we'd need a click track on day 1. Mr. H is a genius. After more instruments, and Jeff mastering, we sent our results to Adele, who until then knew nothing of our schemes...While TBS is a personal journey for us, as well as our first indie recording, we hope that perhaps reading between the lines, you can enjoy these songs as we do.

      Running Time52.44