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Now Choose Life [2003]
Faye Oldham

Faye's first album (made before she married Wes) was selected from quite a volume of songs Faye has written over the years. Thanks to encouragement and sometimes forceful persuasion from James, these songs were eventually recorded, with Deuteronomy 30:19-20 as the theme. It was the journey of making this project that caused the collective band of friends who played together to first adopt the name "Teapot Records".
Moving, comforting, stirring, uplifting, and radiating a joy of life, the style of this album is mostly acoustic, sometimes Celtic, with a strong emphasis on vocals and harmonies. Especially beautiful is the combination of Faye's vocal with her good friend Jacki's, as their friendship is musically expressed in several of the songs.

      Running Time43.40